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I set up MJD in June 2010. As any business owner will know the first few years are tough. Quite simply if you are not good, you will not prosper. Now the majority of my business is repeat business or referrals. There is no better accolade than a former opponent becoming a client and that has occurred on at least three occasions in the last few years. I am very busy; I do not advertise and I do not pay for referrals. Usually I do not even ask for testimonials because quite frankly if the client is happy he will come back and he will tell others; such is far better than faceless testimonials. The previous version of my website contained testimonials freely given at the conclusion of a case or which were contained in a card at Christmas. The testimonials below were provided following a request for a few words for  this new web site (at the suggestion of  my web site developer).  There are so many clients that I have worked for over the last few years it would be impossible to pick them all. Let me just say that I enjoy my work and I cherish the relationships that I have built up with my clients and so I am eternally grateful for the kind words that have been spoken.



Construction Contracts and Disputes

“We have used Matthew for several years on a range of construction law issues including contract drafting, adjudication and litigation. Matthew always understands the issues, the law, our perspective and works tirelessly to get the result that we need. We had before meeting Matthew used a number of other solicitors, including London based construction law experts but always felt we were treated as second class. We have watched Matthew comprehensively defeat those so called experts on more than one occasion which was a joy to watch”

AP  Managing Director – Construction Company – July 2017


Commercial Litigation

” I appoint countless solicitors in my various business and therefore have experience of a good and bad lawyers. I have known Matthew since about 2010 and used him periodically for various disputes that manifested themselves over the years. In 2016 a number of significant  dispute manifested . Strategically Matthew knew how to play it from the outset and he was always two steps ahead of the other lawyers. Any lawyer can advise you of the procedure and presumably the law. What stands Matthew out is his strategic and commercial insight, his evident experience and knowledge,  and user friendly personality”.

LG – Property Investor/Developer  -July 2017


Construction Contracts and Disputes

“I have been in the construction industry for 50 years and have run my own construction company for over 30 years. Matthew has over the years saved us a fortune. He is easy to deal with, frank, speaks simple language and says it as he sees it.  I know when I give work to Matthew he will seek to move mountains and we have his complete attention. We simply let him get on with it and he delivers”

VA Chairman – Construction Company -July 2017


Commercial Disputes

“Matthew was recommended to me by somebody I met as a networking event. Essentially the co-founder of company that I had set up was seeking to isolate me from the business and set up a competing business. Matthew acted for me in the shareholder dispute that unfolded and saved my business. Further disputes arose that he managed to get struck out of the court and recovered costs for me. He is solid, accessible and a pleasure to deal with.

LP – Business Owner – July 2017.


Commercial Disputes

“I met Matthew because he was pursuing a friend of mine in litigation. My friend had lost but there were still huge issues concerning satisfaction of the judgment. Matthew followed through a plan that whilst clearly assisted  my friend to satisfy his obligations, actually enabled his client to get paid what it otherwise would not have got paid. Everybody benefited from Matthew’s willingness to think outside the box. Having had vast experience of using solicitors I recognised Matthew as someone I could work with and have in fact directed contacts to him. He is honest, pragmatic, commercially astute and his fair in his charging”

GG – Property Investor – July 2017


Construction Disputes

“I came across Matthew when he was suing my company for a client. To be fair he demolished  my own solicitor. I now use Matthew for all of our construction disputes which says it all”

SJ – Managing Director – Construction Company  – July 2017 .


Construction Disputes

“I have known Matthew for several years. He has always secured favourable results and quite simply has been far ahead of the solicitors that our opponents use. I know I can pick up the phone and pass something through him and will get a sensible response”


RW – Managing Director – Development  Company – July 2017


Professional Negligence

“We used Matthew initially to pursue a claim pursuant to a construction contract and when that came to an end asked him to look at an old professional negligence claim against a previous firm of solicitors. Matthew immediately informed us that he thought there was merit in our case and soon after issuing proceedings a negotiated settlement was achieved. The settlement that was secured was far in excess  of that which  our barrister had told Matthew the claim was worth and to his credit Matthew told us that he thought the barrister was being too cautious and we should cautiously persevere. We were very pleased with the way Matthew conducted the case and got our legal expense insurers to support us.

DB- Owner  – Construction  Company – July 2017