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Construction Law – Operational PFI Disputes

PFI and PPP Contracts are long term partnering arrangements between the public and private sector typically running for thirty or more years following Financial Close. The contract documentation is extremely complex and the exact liabilities of the parties often overlooked on a routine basis in favour of a consensual, compliant working arrangement. As a consequence the public sector often secures poor value for money and the private sector supply chain frequently incurs liabilities that should properly lie with the Project Company.

It is not uncommon for numerous issues to arise within PFI and PPP contracts from both the private and public sector perspective. The team at MJD Solicitors have significant experience of advising on operational PFI issues, whether it be on contractual obligations or resolving complex multi-party disputes. Further, MJD Solicitors lecture on the subject matter of Operational PFI Contracts.

Matthew Dillon, Partner at MJD Solicitors, has significant experience in advising Employers, Contractors and subcontractors on Operational PFI Disputes. Matthew can be contacted here.