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Default Judgment and Summary Judgment

A Default Judgment is a judgment that can be obtained where a defendant fails to
respond to a Claim Form. It can be obtained in default of an acknowledgment of
service or in default of a defence.

Although a Default Judgment is an extremely useful tool, it is common for defendants
to apply to set aside such judgments on numerous grounds. MJD Solicitors is able to
advise you whether or not it is in your interests to consent to such judgment being set

Summary Judgment can be applied for where a Defendant has entered a defence
which has no realistic prospects of success. Even when it appears probable that
such an application will not succeed, it may enable a Claimant to persuade the court
to order than a Defendant lodge a sum of money with the court as a condition of
defending an action. This in itself can assist in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

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