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Dispute Resolution

With any dispute it is critical that the key issues are quickly  identified and   and  your opponent’s likely behaviour and motivations understood. It goes without saying that understanding the law is important; what is more important in our opinion is having a winning strategy.

Matthew Dillon has over 20 years of litigation experience spanning all sorts of commercial disputes, ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to a few million pounds.  Matthew wins cases that in reality should not be won, including cases where our own client’s barrister has expressed concerns about merits.

MJD Solicitors have a track record of securing settlements that are advantageous to our clients, or alternatively persuading a Claimant that it does not wish to pursue our client. Experience counts for everything.

Very few cases actually proceed to trial at MJD Solicitors. We successfully negotiate long before the doors of the court. However, to achieve a successful resolution it is vital that the client has the right team behind it; determination and experience count for everything.

Succeeding at litigation is so much more than knowing the law. We see our job as turning a good claim into a winnable claim and a poor defence into a strong and winnable defence.

Funding of litigation is always an issue, but we use our funding solutions to your advantage and the disadvantage of your opponent.

Areas of Experience for Dispute Resolution

Commercial and Contractual Disputes

Construction Disputes

Employment Disputes

Property Disputes

Adjudication and ADR

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