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Commercial and Contractual Disputes

Disputes are an unwelcome distraction to any business causing not only financial loss and wasted management time, but also damage to working relations and reputations.

MJD Solicitors takes a pragmatic and commercial approach to the resolution of disputes, providing industry experience to ensure that the issues and options are quickly understood and that an agreed strategy is drawn up thus ensuring commercial objectives are met within budget and programme.

MJD Solicitors has extensive experience of conducting complex and high value dispute resolution in addition to resolving the more routine problems. Recent “wins” include professional negligence claims against other solicitors; Disputes with lenders; Disputes concerning allegations of fraud; shareholder disputes; contractual interpretation disputes; disputes following insolvency (both for and against insolvency practitioners).

The team at MJD Solicitors has experience of conducting disputes in the following specialist areas:

Matthew Dillon of Brentwood’s MJD Solicitors has significant experience in representing all manner of organisations and businesses on an array of litigation matters. Matthew can be contacted here.